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Adult hook-up site comparisons

Research: Before opening NaughtyBuffet, our team has done extensive research into what is already out there and how it tends to work. Now our focus was only to the hook-up sites, meaning the ones that propose the "get laid tonight" theme, like the 6 listed in the above chart. As opposed to the "find your soulmate" type of site, where people would go to hopefully find a relationship, spouse, or soulmate for a long-term ordeal. Some of the more popular being, match.com, eharmony.com and (a popular free soulmate site) plentyoffish.com. And dont get us wrong... its not uncommon to meet someone on an adult hook-up site and make a life-long connection with a person. We're more referring to the way a site presents itself and what it has to offer. And this is what we have found.

Summary: These adult hook-up sites are in it for big bucks. But they are a business, so that is expected. They all say the same thing, "Sign up for free!". That is an absolutely true statement. However, for the most part, the ONLY thing you will be able to accomplish without paying for a membership will be creating a profile. Without a paid membership, you might be able to see a listing of clickable profiles, but you will not be able to SEE the actual profiles (nor see their pictures), MESSAGE the profile owner, or even READ a message that has been sent to you by a profile owner. And some sites are more unscrupulous than others about getting at your cash. Not on all the sites, but fake profiles are quite common. If you get a message from an ultra-hot supermodel looking person that sends you a message 20 minutes after you join... yea, its probably fake. And guess what. With most sites, you won't be able to actually read the message contents until you pay to join!

What We Offer: We'd like to think that we have a pretty good thing going here. We're proud of this site, and hope to soon be the number one choice of people looking for our breed of adult internet social networking. Our Naughty Now section is unrestricted, uncensored (within reason, and within US laws, of course) and is a really good way to let people know that you're active, for real, and ready to meet someone NOW! We are a truly FREE adult hook-up site! There is not one thing that you will be unable to access from your very first visit. Yes, we do require a profile to do most things, but we don't feel that its much to ask given what we have to offer. You will notice that there is a donation link at the top of the page. The donations are not without reward, mostly having to do with highlighting your profile and Naughty Now listings. However, we'd like to express that the people who donate vs. the people who choose not to, both have the EXACT SAME ACCESS to all features of the site, no restrictions!

What We Promise: We promise to our users, we will never create a profile or message or Naughty Now post for purposes of alluring traffic to our site. Any content you see here was placed here by members, not staff. Can we promise that any person that creates a profile here is who/what they say they are? Of course not. But we believe that the majority are. (and no social networking site can ever make that claim, we're just up front about it!) We also promise to remain free for the duration of this sites existance. We will never start charging fees for memberships, nor deny access to anyone. (given they are age appropriate, of course)

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